Wave Bracelet (silver)
October 21, 2019
Tree Earrings (dangle)
October 21, 2019

Wave Ring


Flow Collection
Sterling Silver
Waves come and go.
They will forever pull back towards the horizon, before they make their way back into the shoreline.
Waves stir up this feeling: when it seems like we are moving in the wrong direction the universe will always thrust us forward when the time is right.
We just have to trust, soak in the vitamin sea and roll with the flow. Everything always happens for a reason.
Remember that our cells are partly made out of water and our souls from stardust. So as much as we try, we were not designed to hold ourselves together but rather to flow freely—in synchronicity with nature, like the ocean.
Sterling silver charm formed in a sterling silver ring band
Each piece is designed with love to inspire and awaken the adventurer in all of us.
Comes with a flow ring story card printed on recycled paper.
Ethically sourced and made by our partner artisans from around the world.
Sizing and Dimensions
Sizes 6 -10
Wave measures approx. 1.5 cm x 1.5 cm
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