Aqua (Sierra)
November 28, 2020
Aqua (Sunshine)
November 28, 2020

Aqua (Andes)


Woodland Collection
Designed for an active lifestyle, the snug-fitting, quick-drying, lightweight straps are optimal for a variety of eyeglasses. Whether you are trail running, skiing, rock climbing, biking, mountain scrambling, hiking, white water paddling, SUP’ing or simply relaxing under the sun, the Aqua straps are a great companion to all of your adventures. Made out of durable floating neoprene, they offer a secure and comfortable, universal fit for your glasses. Best of all, they are built to last.
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Manufactured with neoprene (42% polyester, 58% neoprene–SBR styrene-butadiene rubber)
Lightweight and comfortable.
Basic buoyancy.
Water-friendly and quick drying.
Secure fit for Your Glasses and Eyewear.
Made with sustainable fabrics and exclusive Treeline Collective designs.
Sizing and Dimensions
Cord glasses holder | 16,5 inches long and 1-inch width.