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    Sterling Silver
    With every passing year, every memory—happy or sad—a new ring grows around our soul.
    It begins to shape who we become. Meaning is given by every experience that is built along the way. Love fully, live mindfully and forgive with all of your heart.
    Let go of what no longer serves you and enjoy every moment like it will be your last.
    For at some point, this too, will come to an end. So, eat that cookie, say yes to your heart and be open to giving and receiving love.
    This ring will remind you that in the end, it doesn’t matter how many days we got to live. What truly matters is how fully we lived those days.
  • $44.77
    Sterling Silver
    At some point in our lives, we all have a mountain to climb, a journey to endure.
    Life is the hardest mountain we will ever summit and to get to the top we must go deeper within and believe in ourselves. This ring will remind you to be mindful, open to the journey, taking in the views without losing sight of the summit. Our intention should be what we give our attention to.
    Don’t hesitate. Where you are is exactly where you need to be. Even if you feel lost, you are lost in the right direction.
  • $44.77
    Sterling Silver
    This ring carries with it the timeless wisdom of trees. Roots deeply grounded into the earth, they stand strong, open and tall no matter what direction the wind blows.
    Trees teach us that there is power in stillness and remind us to stay grounded in moments of chaos. In autumn, as their leaves fall, we’re reminded that letting go is part of the process and trust that life will come full circle when the time is right.
    From trees we learn to measure days by sunrises and sunsets—not hours or minutes, and to surrender to the mystery of life, whilst waking up to its beauty instead.
  • $44.77
    Sterling Silver
    Waves come and go.
    They will forever pull back towards the horizon, before they make their way back into the shoreline.
    Waves stir up this feeling: when it seems like we are moving in the wrong direction the universe will always thrust us forward when the time is right.
    We just have to trust, soak in the vitamin sea and roll with the flow. Everything always happens for a reason.
    Remember that our cells are partly made out of water and our souls from stardust. So as much as we try, we were not designed to hold ourselves together but rather to flow freely—in synchronicity with nature, like the ocean.