10 Things to Do With Treeline Collective’s Picnic Blanket Alternative

Grab your picnic blanket alternative and let’s go on an adventure! Why alternative? Because there’s so much you can do with our beautiful woven blankets you’ll never run out of fun ideas to try next.

Here’s a few of our personal favourites for your inspiration:

1. Don’t just use it for picnics!

Our blankets make the best picnic blankets and we’ll definitely be using them to graze on some yummy snacks this summer. Think sunshine, Spark Kombucha and Chiwi’s Chips.

However, there’s also a lot of space to get creative. Designed to last more than just the season, our blankets are the perfect companion for every occasion. Whether it’s keeping your rucksack dry while you canoe down your local river or snuggle up for an indoor movie night surrounded by candles in winter – say goodbye to single use blankets and hello to year-round activities!

2.  Send a hug

If you’re looking to inspire some one-of-a-kind moments, Treeline Collective blankets have your A-team covered (from head to wanderlust toe!).

Send a hug to your loved ones with an ultra-soft gift for them to cosy up with. Your soft throw blanket will arrive in compostable packaging with an extra love note from us explaining the unique vision behind their new favourite essential. There’s really no better way to show someone special you care with an added sprinkle of love and thoughtful detail. 

3. Take it on an adventure

Designed to inspire your next adventure, don’t let your picnic blanket alternative stay cooped in a cupboard all year long. Take it to the lake, let it bask among meadows and forests, use it to keep warm when you finally reach the top peak, or bring it along to explore new unchartered territory.

The best part is, unlike those 13 pound flannel sleeping bags (we’ve all been there), they pack super small so you can take them everywhere you go with ease and style. 

4. Take it on a flight to keep you warm

Beat the stuffy nose and goosebumps on your next flight! Have you ever been on an aeroplane when the air con is blasting and despite the thin blankets on offer, you just can’t get warm?

We hear you! Which is why our picnic blanket alternatives are here to save the day. We love the fact they are both practical and stylish. No matter if you want to watch a movie or try to catch a nap, bring your home comforts with you and always stay snug as a bug with our gorgeous blankets.

5. Keep it in your car for an emergency 

Never leave the house without being prepared again! We can never predict when something won’t go according to plan, especially when we’re outdoors in nature. 

Whether it’s a burst tire on that 4×4 road in the middle of nowhere, the heavens open and pour on an impromptu winter outing, or maybe your friend falls on a hike and needs assistance, make sure you have your soft blanket nearby for warmth, comfort or extra support if needed. 

6.Cuddle up beside the fireplace (and take the perfect social media pic!)

We’ve all seen those iconic photographs of people sitting around a fire in a beautiful blanket and we think to ourselves… I want to do that! 

With our picnic blanket alternative, you finally can. 

Sit in the sand, on logs, in hammocks and on camp chairs with your warm, ultra-soft blanket. Don’t forget to tag us @treelinecollective with your best fiery photos too! This way we can experience the moment with you and share it with our community.

7. Take yourself on a date

When was the last time you went on a solo exploration or treated yourself to some good quality ‘me time’? Whether it’s indoors or outdoors, adventurous or relaxing, taking yourself on a date is good for the soul, the mind and connecting more deeply to the world around you. 

Today, we dare you to grab your book, your hiking boots, your plane ticket, or maybe just your glass of wine, and take yourself on a blanket date that suits your individual style or mood of the day. Let us know what you decide!

8. Make it your number one festival essential

Just like your eco-friendly glitter, sparkly outfits, funky glasses straps and tent poles, a patterned blanket needs to be on your list of festival essentials.

Every Treeline Collective blanket is reversible and lightweight. They can be used as sleeping bags, bedrolls, mats, and of course…THE designated area to hang out with friends. You name it, your blanket is here to provide it! And it definitely wants to join you in the wilderness for dancing and laughter when the time finally arrives.

Fully stocked with reds, blues, greys, greens and everything in-between, shop your favourites today from Pine (Fossil) to Cedar (Oatmeal) designs.

9. Take them camping

What kind of happy camper best describes you? 

A. You like to arrive with your cooler of ice, your duvet and lots of pillows. We can find you sitting in your floaty in the middle of the lake for the next three days. Your Watsapp status says: “gone fishing!”.

B. It’s not camping unless you hike at least three hours or climb to get there! You’re addicted to waking up to sunsets across the tips of the mountains and sitting in the clouds with your hiking boots ON.

…Whatever kind of camping fills your cup, be sure to take your Treeline Collective blankets with you for sunbathing, morning coffee hangouts and best of all, to brighten your day.

10. Let your dog and furry friends enjoy them too

Keep your woven blankets in the car for your furry friends after a long forest walk or at home as the perfect chill out doggie haven. You can put them on warm wash and tumble dry to keep them fresh and bundle them up for that added cushion feel.

Our furry Treeliners agree they are PAWfect for dogs of all shapes and sizes. Which dog blanket will your pooch like most? 


Whatever you do with your best picnic blanket alternative, we hope you are inspired to go on an adventure, spend some time outdoors, or make an upcoming event that extra bit special!

Blankets really do create unforgettable moments for all ages and every blanket in our store has a unique story to tell. From their rich cultural heritage to meaningful designs, each thread has journeyed through our unique process of (co)creation to arrive in the hands of YOU – their new owner.

So much more than just your next accessory, buy your blanket today!

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