Our Story

Products with Purpose for a Life of Adventure.

Every product in our collection inspires outdoor living for a happy planet. Our adventure began with Caro Arcila, Founder of Treeline Collective, who left her hometown in Colombia at the age of seventeen. Escaping civil war, she settled as a refugee in North America.
With a strong desire to make a positive impact in the world, Caro dedicated a lifetime to peacebuilding, children’s rights, environmental conservation and conflict transformation. She spent years supporting child soldiers in Colombia, indigenous communities in the Andes Mountains, and subsequently in the Amazon Rainforest.
The opportunity to work alongside individuals and cultures from around the world also allowed Caro to meet many inspirational creators and artisans. Through work and travel, she began to develop a vision for an inclusive brand that paid its people fairly and pursued higher standards for sustainable business.
Treeline Collective was born with the idea to collaborate and design products that encourage a deeper connection to the world around us. Whether it’s a cozy blanket for a night around a campfire listening to the crackles of the oak trees, or a piece of silver jewelry that reminds you of the time you scaled a jagged mountain ridge, every piece in our collection has a unique story to tell and is the perfect companion for any adventure.

Collaborative Creation Because Together We Do More.

As a collective, our model of (co)creation is what makes us unique and allows our products to evolve.
(Co)creation allows us to work with a large network of individuals to make and curate quality products from around the world. We share ideas to discover innovative concepts for our designs and refine them collaboratively to deliver the best experience possible for our team, our manufacturers, and our customers. With a holistic approach to design, we are inspired to push boundaries and achieve what neither person could do alone. We aim to bring people together to share expertise, knowledge, and experience to (co)create exciting lifestyle products for everyone.
From the way we work and engage our customers to the way we carefully source quality materials, every step in our process influences how we think about, approach, and ultimately design the pieces in our collection. Together, we decide the purpose of our products and define the value of our business in the world.
As we continue to innovate and (co)create, we begin to reimagine our future and develop a new and inclusive cycle of business, collaboration, and consumption. It allows us to truly operate as a collective and the possibilities of creation (alongside environmental conservation!) become endless.

Our People, Our Planet, Our Products.

At Treeline Collective, we know every choice we make counts towards maintaining a healthy planet. That’s why every process during production aligns with our core values for ethical and sustainable consumption.
Behind the scenes of our daily operations, our team works hard to ensure we deliver quality products to our customers. We inspect every manufacturing and production site to ensure higher standard labour laws are respected and no child is involved in the creation of our products. We continuously monitor the environmental and social impacts of our business and offset any reverberations of production  with conservation projects, making sure the management of natural resources involved is not destructive, and carefully selecting durable, organic materials that last. Our process acknowledges the value and lifecycle of every material, from the place they originate from to their importance to the individuals and cultures who handle them.
Most importantly, we build connections with the communities we work alongside and incorporate culture in ways that are not harmful or exploitative. We take the time to learn, listen, and understand so that we may honor and respect the rich cultural heritage of every single product, and the makers and creators who help bring them to life.
As a collective, we are constantly striving to improve and reinvest our profits to refine these standards. We hope to pave the way for other businesses to coexist alongside our planet and its people. Treeline Collective products create engaging experiences for our community and are designed to last more than just ‘the season’.

 1% for the Planet 

Treeline Collective is a dedicated member of 1% for the Planet. We are proud to honor our commitment to the earth and its resources by partnering with approved environmental non-profits worldwide. Our business pledges 1% of its total sales to help fund high-impact conservation projects and join the movement for a healthier planet. As we reinvest profits into initiatives like ocean clean-ups, reforestation and wildlife conservation, we can support the global issues that truly matter to our brand and create a world in which we ultimately want to live.

Why Treeline Collective?

We’re a brand that puts our people and planet first. We want to encourage an outdoor lifestyle to cultivate mental health and wellbeing for a happy planet. We believe connection is more important than consumption and reinvest our profits into projects that combat social and environmental issues. From ocean clean-ups to the creation of job opportunities for new immigrants and minorities, our business strives to create a world in which we ultimately want to live.


Is the edge.
The middle line.
The point where our reality meets the alpine world.
Where we move from comfort to discomfort.
Where breathing doesn’t feel natural anymore and fear begins to creep its way into our brain.
Where we are alone with our thoughts and begin to experience what is truly important to us in life.

The higher we go up the more we begin to let go and the deeper we go within.
This is a place where we truly become part of our journey
Beyond the treeline magic can happen if we choose to understand that we are all part of something greater.

The only way to reach the summit is by letting go of everything but the moment in which we stand. Because pass the treeline, is a world we have never explored. If we flow and become part of it, we can reach any destination our minds and hearts set. If we try to overcome it the mountain overruns us. The moment we understand this, we set our souls free, allowing for meaning to come within the set boundaries of our life.