Grow Wildflowers With Every Purchase: How We Use Plantable Seed Paper

How extraordinary would it be if paper turned into flowers? That’s what eco dreams are made of, right?

If you know our brand, you’ll know by now we’re proud advocates for ethical, earth-friendly business practices. We approach production with the principle that our people and planet come first, which is why when we stumbled across Botanical Paperworks and their innovative seed paper – we couldn’t wait to jump on board…

Sustainability Across Every Touchpoint

As a value-based brand, we love sharing our story and adding those personal touches which allow us to communicate with our customers. But did you know that 50% of business waste is composed of paper? To print ONE Sunday edition of the New York Times, for example, it’s reported that 75,000 trees are required! It’s also estimated that junk mail alone destroys almost 100 million trees every year.

On our mission to instill sustainability across every touchpoint of our business, we found a rather exciting source for all Treeline Collective’s jewelry cards shipped within Canada: Botanical Paperworks. 

What we love most about Botanical Paperworks is that everything is made from waste. They take recycled paper, embed it with seeds, and produce zero waste products from confetti and coasters to cards and packaging. This means we can still get information and special messages to some of our customers – without adding to the landfill. 

plantable seed paper

Plantable Flower Seed Paper: Plant With Every Purchase

Founder and papermaking specialist, Heidi Reimer, has partnered with customers worldwide to plant hectares of habitats for endangered species and grow flowers, herbs and vegetables all while reducing paper waste. And we want to do the same!

Our jewelry cards are now embedded with wildflower blends including: Bird’s Eye, Clarika, Black Eyed Susan, Catchfly, Snapdragon (our personal favourite!) and Sweet Alyssum. Tested and certified, it’s a seed paper you can trust won’t cause noxious weeds and invasive plants.

Here’s How It Works (and no, you don’t have to be a green thumb!):

1. Plant your Treeline Collective card in a pot of soil. It can be planted inside or outside, just make sure the soil is full but still breathable (not firmly packed).

2. Next, water and wait. Give the soil a good soak and make sure it is wet for the first 10 days before germination – but be careful not drown it. The paper will compost away and the seeds will begin to grow.

3. Once the sprouts appear, keep the paper moist but again – don’t drown it. Once the seeds start to blossom, you can keep them in the pot or transplant them.

4. Do a celebratory dance because you just turned paper into flowers! Make sure you take a photo for Instagram too with Treeline Collective tagged because we want to celebrate with you.

At Treeline Collective, we want to lead the way for sustainable business practices. Every choice we make counts towards maintaining a healthy planet and if you’re an ethical and sustainable consumer like us, you’re going to love what we have in store.

Check out a few of our favourite silver jewelry pieces:


The wearer of this silver necklace with pendant carries with them courage. The mountain acts as your reminder to keep moving through all life’s challenges and uncertainties. With a strong heart, you refuse to give up and never let fear hold you back from accomplishing great things.


Just like the ancient trees and those newly planted, with every passing year a new ring grows around our soul. This silver ring will remind you that in the end, it doesn’t matter how many days you got to live. What truly matters, is how fully you lived those days.


Bring nature with you anywhere you go. This sterling silver necklace is a simple yet timeless addition to your everyday wear. Inspired by the majesty of the Pacific Northwest Mountains, our mini necklaces feature a little mountain charm you can wear all year long.


Beauty exists in the most uncommon of places, like deep within our oceans or high on the peak of mountaintops. Our silver earrings remind you of the wisdom to listen. That every day, we need to learn to look with more than just our eyes.

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