Say Hello to the Best Beach Blanket Co-Created in South America

Nothing says the best beach blanket like an oversized throw designed by our partner Andean artisans.

Bright, unique, and unquestionably better than a standard towel, our new blankets are multifunctional and generously oversized. They’re large enough to keep the sand away from your bod (or gravel or grass), and create a plush area to lie or sit down. You can even squeeze an extra person on, or two! 

Not using them at the beach? Wrap them around your shoulders to keep the cold away or use them as the perfect backdrop for a yummy picnic spread. Their double sided-print means you can flip them each way and admire the stylish fringe that embellishes both ends. 

So what’s the verdict? 

A beach blanket towel that’s ultra-soft, reliably lightweight, definitely durable, and of course made from 100% recycled synthetic threads.

Beyond their appearance, our new blankets also share a powerful story. They’re not only ethically made, but proudly reflect and share the rich Andean cultural heritage of their producers and environment. Each piece is carefully designed with love and hopes to inspire and awaken the adventurer in all of us. Your purchase helps further a fair, inclusive future and protect the place we call home. 

Help us continue supporting our partner artisans and make even more beach blankets through our fundraiser campaign. When they are finally ready to launch online, you’ll have first pick for your favourite colour AND enjoy a discounted price!

How To Use The Best Beach Blanket Crafted By Andean Artisans

Regardless of the season, our beach blankets make for an ideal companion on all of your adventures. Here’s some of our favourite ways to use them:

1. Sunbathing at the beach (or lake or deck)

You can count on our giant beach blanket to be large enough to fit your whole body, but small enough to pack in your bag. As slight sunbathing connoisseurs, we’ve worked hard to make sure it meets all your needs on those hot and sticky summer days. You can use them at home on your summer deck or patio, take them along to the beach, or pack them for challenging hikes to glacier lakes. Just don’t forget to use your reef-safe sunscreen if you’re jumping in the water, friends!

2. Keep it in the car for emergencies

You never know when you’re going to need a blanket, but we know first-hand they always come in handy when you least expect it. From unexpected rain storms to finding an awesome place to stop off and take a break on your road trip, blankets keep you warm, comfortable, and offer a place to sit without getting your clothes dirty. This one’s especially great if you’re sleeping in your van!

3. Use it as a picnic blanket

Picnic party in style? Yes please. There’s nothing better than laying out fresh strawberries, crackers, and colourful veggie platters on a beautiful blanket to enjoy with your friends or family. Going that little bit extra to set the perfect picnic scene always creates memories we cherish forever. And what’s better than kicking back to relax with your favourite bites and cool new summer essential?

4. Take it stargazing

Blanket up to find Orion’s belt or make a wish upon a shooting star. Stargazing is one of our favourite pastime activities and as long as it’s a clear night sky, you can stargaze all year round. Whether you’re camping, drive-through cinema-ing, or simply roasting some marshmallows in the garden, our new blankets are perfect to cozy up and take time to wander at the infinite universe around you. New to astrology? Check out this amazing article by Sky & Telescope that shares some useful tips and information on stargazing for beginners.

5. As a cool new throw for your sofa

Who doesn’t need some laid-back beach vibes in their home? Our giant beach blankets also couple up as the perfect throw for your sofa or bed. With artistic and unique designs, a range of colours to choose from, and a powerful story to share when friends admire your decor, there’s no better option to add some serious style to your home. Which one do you like best?


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