10 Ways To Stay Cozy and Warm This Fall

With red and yellow leaves slowly gracing our pathways and sunny skies starting to cool into crisp fresh air, it can only mean one thing…Autumn is finally here! And it’s time to get cozy and warm.

Here’s 10 ways to stay cozy in style this fall:

1. Have that sleep in

That’s right! We’re giving you permission to hit your snooze button and nestle up under your duvet. Summer is often a time when we are all systems go, trying to make the most of the long, bright days. Needless to say, it can also leave us feeling slightly burnt out from all our favourite activities (in the best of ways), making fall the perfect time to slow down and grant yourself a guilt-free sleep in – maybe even with some breakfast in bed too!

2. Host a seasonal potluck with friends

Invite your friends over for a seasonal potluck this fall. Think roast turkey (or tofurkey for our fellow vegans and vegetarians), roasted potatoes and all the seasonal vegetables like carrots, parsnips and squash. Potlucks are a fabulous way to get everyone involved and also try out new recipes you may not have thought to cook before. With a full belly and good company, you’ll be feeling cozy and warm from the inside in no time.

3. Listen to the rain

Have you ever sat in a camper van or turned your television off and simply listened to the rain? It’s scientifically proven to help calm your mind and bring on a meditative state of rest and relaxation. That’s because rain is “predictable, calming, stable and non-threatening”, as described by Dr Shelby Harris, a behavioural sleep-medicine therapist. So next time you’re craving some deep relaxation, just wait for the clouds to open and take a minute (or fifty!) to sit and listen. 

4. Enjoy an autumn walk among the colourful leaves

Even as the weather starts to shift, it’s never a bad time to get outside and get those legs moving. It’s also one of the most beautiful times of the year when the leaves are falling, the ground is coloured in rich colours and you can smell the wet forest’s cedar and pine in the air. A pumpkin spiced tea or coffee is always a great addition too.

For the perfect fall walk accessory, don’t miss our new tree necklaces. Just like the falling leaves, it acts as a reminder that growth needs surrender, and we must release the old to welcome the new. View necklace now

5. Read a book

Fall is the perfect time to dust off your bookshelves and read that book you’ve been meaning to read forever. Don’t have one in mind? Our top staff picks are:

Shantaram, Wild, Girl Woman Other, Braiding Sweet Grass, Still Life With Woodpecker, Women Who Run With The Wolves, Wayfinders and The Secret Life of Bees.

Reading is not only relaxing, but it also helps reduce stress and stimulate your brain, strengthen your vocab and improve your memory. It’s a great way to cozy up  with a treeline blanket in your favourite little nook or before bed. 

6. Visit a pumpkin patch 

….And buy one for carving, one for roasting! Pumpkin patches are a wonderful activity for all ages, especially if you have small children. From large, oval and orange to small, oblong and white, you’ll be amazed at all the varieties of pumpkins you can find. It’s also a bonus knowing you will be supporting local by purchasing pumpkins from the farm and farmers themselves.

7. Snuggle up by a fire

Is it even fall if you don’t snuggle up by a fire with your Treeline Collective blanket? Whether it’s an indoor movie night with all the fall scented candles or perhaps an adventurous winter camping trip, our blankets are the perfect companion for every occasion. Ultra soft and warm, they make it easy to cozy up in style with your favourite people. Find out more fun ideas to do with your blankets here. 

8. Buy a cozy jumper or socks

Fall is for grandma’s knitted socks, wooly jumpers and fluffy hats. Whether you’re going to work, heading to the forest for a stroll or lounging around at home, soft and warm cozies are a fall essential. Make sure you have a go-to jumper (we love a good knitted turtle neck!) and some fuzzy warm socks on hand wherever you go. Maybe this is even the season you learn how to knit or crochet your own!

9. Make some hot drinking chocolate

Cocao is not only cozy and warm, but also a great medicine to help boost your energy, act as a great source of antioxidants and improve cognitive function. It also happens to be the perfect way to end your evening on the sofa or warm your hands on a wet and windy day. XOXO chocolate in Downtown Squamish is our personal favourite.

10. Go to a farmer’s market

Find out what’s in season with a trip to your local farmer’s market. Based in Squamish BC, we have a beautiful market every weekend hosted in the heart of our downtown where you can find a range of homemade goods, fresh vegetables and produce, as well as some other great finds like natural soaps and oils. Come rain or shine, the stalls are always open for you to browse.

By eating seasonally and supporting local, your food is less likely to be filled with pesticides and go through less transportation – meaning you’ll get food that is even more fresh and flavourful! With soups and roasts being a popular choice for warming fall dishes, seasonal foods make the best ingredients.

Leave us a comment below to let us know what you’re planning for some cozy time this fall. Let’s get inspired for some well deserved rest and relaxation. 


Our personal favourite fall essential is a Treeline Collective blanket. Made with love, they come in a range of designs and colours from Cedar (Apricot) to Pine (Coconut) and every blanket has a unique story to tell. They are also created with practicality in mind to keep you 100% cozy and warm while staying stylish. Buy your blanket today.

With love,
Treeline Collective

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